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Our 2023 Roadmap

At Pacer, we aim to be the world’s first Wellness Companion Super App, becoming an all-in-one platform where you can perform a full range of wellness activities such as tracking your sleep quality, performing mental health check-ins and participating in mindfulness sessions. Additionally, users will be able to participate in a whole suite of social activities throughout the platform. We will also be introducing gamified elements to unify the different wellness segments to create an enjoyable and interactive experience for all!

Our core belief is that many users are currently under-serviced by existing offerings in the market. This has led to a high drop-off rate for many wellness applications with reports showing a retention rate of 12% after 2 weeks of usage. To further set us apart from the competition, our proprietary developed in-app algorithm will provide a timely and customised experience for each user to aid them better in their wellness journey- after all, no two people are the same!

“Rewiring digital wellness”

For 2023, we are looking at building on the foundation that we have established over the past few months — after all, building a foundation of good wellness starts with a good night’s sleep! We will be offering a new daily mental health check-in feature that tracks the state of each users’ mental health and well-being throughout the different intervals of the day. We will further introduce a mindfulness component to help our users preserve their positive or neutral states and overcome negative mental states. All of us here at Pacer are also advocates of a healthy body and mind. In line with this belief, we will also be implementing features that encourage a healthy proportion of physical activity.

To accompany these new wellness pillars, we will transform our sleep report into a more comprehensive wellness report covering all touch points of wellness on our app. Through this, we will be able to provide actionable recommendations on an individual level to boost our users’ lifestyles for the better, all powered with our proprietary in-house developed wellness algorithm!

"Retention Through Gamification"

To keep users engaged on our app, we will be adding a feature called Adventure Time with Pacy. To participate, users will be able to purchase tickets to send Pacy on an adventure. Sending Pacy on an adventure will allow users to customise the visual outlook of certain components of their app.

Aside from earning crystals (our in-app currency), sending Pacy on an adventure will allow users to earn additional collectibles to customise Pacy as well as Pacy’s space. The wellness interactions on the app will contribute to the distance Pacy travels every night. Without revealing too much, we can’t wait to show you all what we have in store!

Finally, we will also begin building Pacy World, a virtual world where users can work collaboratively to express themselves creatively. Development has already started and more details will be shared later!

“Future-proofing our tech”

As part of our 2023 roadmap, we will be building on features to enhance our (already implemented!) AI on Edge model. In its current iteration (February 2023), our AI on Edge model is capable of successfully detecting sleep stages without the need for collecting or uploading any sensitive user data to our servers.

Utilising AI and Machine Learning technology and data from users’ wearable devices, Pacer was able to reach industry-leading levels of precision and accuracy in our sleep algorithm while ensuring users’ personal data remain personal. We have also anonymised any data collected to further protect users’ confidentiality.

As mentioned earlier, all these capabilities will be embedded into our proprietary in-house developed wellness algorithm that will provide timely and personalised recommendations to further boost users’ sleep and wellness habits on a long term basis!

“Feature depth and fulfilment”

The revamped referral feature was recently rolled out along with the valentines raffle competition allowing for easier referrals. We’re enhancing our rewards and streak system to allow rewards such as streak pendants to be received through social engagement — look out for more details on this soon!

Another hotly requested and long-asked-for feature that we’ll be releasing soon is an android-compatible version of Pacer! The wait will soon be over as we are already in the midst of adapting the app for Android (More details to come soon, it’ll come sooner than a lot of you think!

To provide a more comprehensive and robust app experience, we’re working closely with certified wellness specialists, so expect to see premium content sections, improved customised recommendations and a plethora of segments — from sleep to diet and movement.

We hope you’re just as excited about the new features that will be coming to Pacer as we are! We look forward to building a top-notch product that will bring joy, motivation and support to all our users no matter where they are in their wellness journey. Stay in the loop by following us on Medium, Discord, and Twitter. Let’s make wellness an exciting and fulfilling journey together!

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