Cure the mind
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Habit Forming

Incentivizing consistent habit forming.


Rewarding users for being consistent.

Sleep Hygiene

Rewards for better sleep hygiene.


Improving one’s long term happiness.

Wellness Ecosystem Super App

Pacer endeavours to be a Wellness ecosystem super app which seeks to cultivate and propagate the benefits of embracing a lifestyle with wellness as its foundation. Pacer will reward users that maintain good wellness habits such as sleeping well, practicing mindfulness regularly and exercising consistently.

The Wellness Industry Is Ripe For Disruption

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Company Lead

With a long track record in both building and scaling businesses for the past decade, James can effectively combine this experience with his Crypto experience to ensure that Pacer is both an effective and dynamic team that can establish a strong foothold in Web3. Having fallen down the Crypto rabbit hole since 2015, he has never looked back as he seeks to build something novel, meaningful and impactful in this space.



Lee is a machine learning engineer with prior experience as a researcher in Oxford University. His involvement spans decentralised optimisation algorithms, computer vision, and open source. Lee has lead teams to deliver mission-critical machine learning software in the UK and Southeast Asia, and is deeply passionate about contributing to the crypto space.


Head of Growth

Brian started his career in finance and accounting, honing his financial literacy skills throughout his three-year tenure at PwC analysing multiple companies in various industries. He then ventured into product development and partnership, launching key initiatives for a fintech which allowed them to tap into a bigger customer pool. He was also pivotal in securing their place in a digital bank consortium, steering the company through a wave of unclear regulations and structuring the proposal for this new banking license. Coupling his extensive experience with a keen interest in the Crypto space, he intends to pioneer a web3-enabled product focusing on wellness.


Wellness Evangelist

Sue is a professional actress based out of Thailand who fell in love with the concept of decentralization and NFTS immediately after buying her first NFT. Having spent many years in both the modelling and influencer space, Sue is capable of tapping into her broad network and large audience base to draw awareness to the importance of wellness and the eventual important role that Pacer will play in incentivising the creation and continuance of good wellness habits. On her free time, Sue also runs a YouTube channel covering the NFT industry as a whole and emerging trends.


Data Advisor

John comes from an engineering background, and has been a data science engineer for a Y-Combinator backed health data company in NYC. He is also a subject matter expert advisor for Web3 startups that deal with data.


Product Advisor

An ex-CoinGecko R&D Engineer and Mobile Team Lead. He has led, built and designed the entire engineering stack for CoinGecko’s mobile app, enabling it to grow its user base from 100k to 3mil. Johnson will be principally responsible for driving Pacers application development given his distinguished track record.


Economy Advisor

KC was an early day Binance Angel. Through the program, he has helped in building up various community on SEA for Binance including Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. He is also involved in the growth of various community Bitcoin Malaysia with the current number of more than 120k members.

As a team with a long track record in both building real-world businesses and in Web3, we're able to synergize our talents to build the first Wellness ecosystem super app that endeavors to reward its users who practice good wellness habits. With backing from FTX Ventures as well as co-founders and founders of various projects/organizations such as QCP Capital, YGG SEA, and Jupiter, we're seeking to build an ecosystem that is both technically sound and enjoyable for all users to use.

Pacer seeks to improve the lives of its users by encouraging better wellness habits, espousing the benefits of Web3, and donating to meaningful social causes. Underlying this will be a vast and deep social layer that seeks to build a community centered around the wellness movement.